Fundamentals of System Dynamics Modelling

Why this course: If you are interested in delving deeper into real-world complexity through system dynamics , improving your understanding about outcomes of your actions, testing your decision making assumptions, learning how to generate multiple future scenarios under different ‘what-if’ conditions and developing your ability to think in systems, this course is for you.

Course Summary: This is an immersive three-week course for those who are looking to learn the fundamentals of system dynamics modelling and build their first system dynamics models.  The course is focused on getting the participants to learn the method and make models (individually and as a group). Participants will undergo an iterative learning process – learn, apply, revise, learn, apply and will make 5-7 system dynamics simulation models during the course, using the STELLA software (workshop license). They will be given weekly assignments which they need to submit online. There will also be quizzes to summarize the learning. There will be one live session each week, and a total of four contact sessions over three weeks totaling up to 10 hours are planned. Additionally, office hours will be held to clear doubts. Participants are expected to put in 2-3 hours of self-learning time every week for completing the assignments and readings, in addition to the live sessions.

The participants will get a certificate of completion on course completion and submission of all assignments. We will use Google Classrooms to host the course and Zoom for the live classes. This will be a synchronous online course, with participants expected to attend the lectures live and complete the assignments every week.

Mode of Delivery: Online (Synchronous, Live)

Course Duration:  3 weeks

Course Timing: 2.5 Hours on Thursdays from 6.30 -9 PM, Indian Standard Time (IST)

Course Dates: 10th February-3rd March 2022 (Registrations Closed)

Cohort Size: Maximum of 15 Participants

Course Objectives:

a) To enable participants to gain the foundational knowledge of systems thinking and system dynamics modelling.
b) To introduce the building blocks of system dynamics
c) To get participants make system dynamics models on STELLA software.
d) To demonstrate the real world applicability of system dynamics modelling

At the end of the course the participants will be able to:

a) Identify feedback loops, stocks and flows in the real world.
b) Develop simple system dynamics simulation models on STELLA.
c) Formulate real world problems with a system dynamics framework

Course Fee:
For working professionals – INR 20,000 (Inclusive of GST).
For full time students – INR 15,000 (Inclusive of GST).

System Dynamics Society members should sign up through this link to avail of the member discount

Course Plan

Session 1: Introduction to System Dynamics
1.1 Course Overview
1.2 Introduction to Systems Thinking and System Dynamics
1.3 Building Blocks of System Dynamics
1.4 Thinking in Stocks and Flows- Group Exercise and Simulation.
1.5 Class Quiz
1.6 Weekly Assignment

Session 2: Linear and Feedback Thinking
2.1 Discussion on Weekly Assignment.
2.2 Linear and Feedback Thinking
2.3 Modelling on STELLA
2.4 Class Quiz
2.5 Weekly Assignment

Session 3: Developing Simulation Models
3.1 Discussion on Weekly Assignment
3.2 Developing System Dynamics Model of Population Dynamics
3.3 Sensitivity Runs and Scenarios
3.4 Boundary Conditions
3.5 Class Quiz
3.6 Weekly Assignment

Session 4: Policy Testing & Real World Application
4.1 Discussion on Weekly Assignment
4.2 Thinking Endogenously: Non-Linear Impact Functions and Shifting Loop Dominance
4.3 Developing System Dynamics Model for Policy Testing – Group Simulation Challenge.
4.4 Real world Applications of System Dynamics
4.5 Closing

Refund Policy: Refund Policy is as follows:

  • Full Refund 1 week before start of course
  • 50% Refund between 1 week and 48 hours before start of course
  • Zero Refund between 48 hours and start of course
    (Course starts on February 10, 2022)

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