System Dynamics Simulation Scenario Building Exercise in the Banni Grasslands, Kutch, India

Banni: In a Time of Change Android Mobile App was used to facilitate a day-long workshop with youth of Banni, Kutch, India, at RAMBLE as part of newly launched Salim Mama Course (by collaborator Sahjeevan). 15 young participants envisioned future scenarios of Banni under different policies and climatic variations, using the app, which simulates a system dynamics model within it. This was done in two stages: first through mental simulation using group thinking and plotting future trajectories over graphs, and second, by comparing these with runs with app simulations. This was followed by a debrief and discussion around the differences and similarities between the app runs and mental simulations and what assumptions are made. The youth found the app highly engaging and the workshop a stimulating experience for planning the future. Details on the app can be found on our Resources page.