System Dynamics for Developing Action Plans for 100% Renewable Energy Cities

DESTA worked on a collaborative project, funded by GIZ India, with EY and AHA Solar, under the aegis of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE)’s Solar Cities Programme. DESTA developed system dynamics simulation models for the energy systems of two cities in India. These are integrated demand-supply models. They model energy demand from residential, commercial& industrial, transport and public utility sectors. They test the extent to which the energy needs can be met through resources present in the city and its vicinity, and generate scenarios of the city-level net-zero energy transitions up to 2050. The models can test impacts of policy interventions and technology and behavioural shifts – such as energy efficiency, solar PV rooftop deployment, transition to 100% EVs and EV charging stations, etc. The models were used to develop roadmaps for transitioning to 100% RE for two cities- Panaji and Bhubaneshwar. The energy action plans using the developed models were released in presence of key government officials and private sector stakeholders and are available along with other work carried out under the RE Cities (Solar cities) theme on the City Dashboards, available here and here.