International System Dynamics Conference, Virtual+3D, Bergen – July, 2020

DESTA was a proud sponsor at the International System Dynamics Conference 2020 organized by the System Dynamics Society (SDS), Bergen 2020, and held virtually in 2D and 3D formats. DESTA had a 3D stall at the conference where conference attendees could come and speak with us regarding our work using system dynamics modelling and systems thinking in India. Additionally, Kabir presented a paper titled ‘Building Insights in a Complex Social Ecological System: A case from the Banni grasslands in India’ and Mihir presented a poster titled ‘Starting a System Dynamics Consulting Firm: Lessons from 1000 Days of Consulting’ at the conference. DESTA also held a discussion under the ‘Ecological Applications’ thread where we showcased the ‘Banni: in a Time of Change’ Android App Insight Building Tool and shared experiences of working with the community of semi-nomadic pastoralists, Maldharis, in the Banni grasslands in India. All-in-all the conference was a wonderful and memorable experience, as ISDCs always are! To know more, click here.