Banni in a Time of Change System Dynamics Simulation Android Mobile App Release

The Android Mobile App, Banni: In a time of change was released at the ATREE Work Seminars 2019, and is now available on Google Play store as a free download, available here. The App was developed through a participatory process, comprising workshops and iterative interactions with Banni’s Maldharis and researchers working in and on the landscape. The App forms an interface of a system dynamics model of the social-ecological system of Banni (Kutch, India), and simulates future scenarios upto 2050. This tool-with pictures, model story and interactive graphics—provides a way for stakeholders and interested persons to explore the implications of potential management scenarios under different ‘What-if’ conditions. This is the result of an ATREE-DESTA-Sahjeevan-RAMBLE-BTN Collaboration.